“To create this video on Locanda Zanella in Treporti we have created an alternative product and a little ‘unusual: a short film with theme the story of the two of us, restaurateurs brothers, Luke and Renzo. Then we retrace our lives with the opportunity to know us better, since we were children, up to the present day “.

This story, however, in the form of a monologue, is not limited to their personal history, but allows us to explore the sights of the lagoon and the typical products that are the pillars of success of Locanda Zanella. The final product is an interesting storytelling

In this video, “discover the essence of Locanda Zanella. Figure out how to cook the chopped squid and why Locanda Zanella is much appreciated by tourists and locals.”

In this video, “To Taste of Italy” retraces, on the occasion of the passage of the Tour of Italy, all the “flavors” of our Locanda Trattoria cuisine. An excellent opportunity to hear and see our “house”.

At Locanda Zanella fish is absolutely quality, very fresh. Here Luke has fun with the freshly caught sea bass, a show for us to see the wonders of the sea and the lagoon.